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Contusions are painful injuries that are identified by significant bruising and fluid accumulation beneath the skin. The majority of contusions occur as the result of blunt force that does not break the skin, but instead ruptures the underlying blood vessels. Severe contusions may also cause damage to connective tissues and muscles. Most contusions eventually resolve themselves over the course of approximately two to three weeks. During this time, the color of a contusion may change, ranging from black, blue, red and purple to green and yellow as it heals.

Chiropractic Care for Contusions

Contusions should be treated similarly to other musculoskeletal injuries. At our chiropractic office, we may conduct an examination to ensure there is no hidden damage accompanying a contusion. We may also wrap the injured area to slow the bleeding, as well as recommend applying ice to minimize pain and swelling.

You can do your part to speed the healing process by getting plenty of rest and elevating the injury above your heart as much as possible for the first one to two days. You may begin gradually increasing your activity level; but be sure to avoid putting too much stress on the contusion before it has healed.

If you experience stiffness or limited range of motion, schedule a chiropractic appointment to discuss the benefits and safety of adding gentle stretches, exercises, and soft tissue massages to you regimen.

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