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familyMy son, who was born three months prematurely and was one and a half years old at the time, was unable to hold his head up straight since birth. His head was in a constant lean to the left and he could not fully straighten it out. I would lift his head and it would drop to the side. Each time I brought my son to the pediatrician regarding the issue he would say, “everything is fine, the muscles are just undeveloped on that side of his neck due to his premature birth and it will get better as he gets older”, This wait and see approach was unacceptable to me and I wanted another opinion. I decided to consult a chiropractor. After an extensive search I was referred to Dr. Peter Marcus. It took Dr. Marcus all of 30 seconds to locate the exact cause of the problem and it wasn’t undeveloped muscles. According to Dr. Marcus it was a spinal misalignment. I was nervous about Dr. Marcus performing an adjustment on my one year old son’s neck but Dr. Marcus assured me that my son would be fine and that it was perfectly safe. I felt confident that he knew what he was doing so I agreed. In one quick adjustment (and a loud pop that I must admit scared me) my son’s neck immediately straightened out and he has never had that problem again. My wife and I were absolutely amazed. My son is now seven and Dr. Marcus is still our family chiropractor. I would recommend Dr. Marcus without hesitation. – David R./Psychologist

jeffI have been involved in martial arts, specifically Krav Maga, which is the self defense taught to Israeli soldiers for many years. Now that I’m in my mid-forties my body does not seem to rebound as quick from training and I began to develop chronic muscle spasms and tightness that ran from my neck to the middle of my back. I would get muscle spasms and these knots in the inside of my shoulder blades that would ache all day and make training and sitting at my desk very difficult. I couldn’t even sit at my computer for more than five minutes without having to get up to reduce the pain and pressure. My first thought was to get a massage which I did and it helped but the pain would always come back. I than went to Dr. Marcus’s office where he examined and x-rayed me. He pointed out on the x-rays where the problems were in my neck and back and explained exactly why I was getting the muscle pain and knots. After a treatment program that included adjustments and therapy for about three visits per week for about 2-3 weeks I had no more muscle spasms or muscle knots. As an added bonus the range of motion in my neck has improved dramatically. I didn’t even know my neck was restricted until it was fixed. I feel great and would highly recommend Dr. Marcus.
- Jeff M./Attorney

golfI am an avid golfer and entertain clients on the golf course at least twice a week. I began to notice that my back was getting sore after I played but didn’t think much of it. Then it started aching while I played and began to effect my game. Eventually I had constant lower back pain and I was getting this pain going down my legs with these little electric zaps every time I bent over that were driving me crazy. I stopped playing golf for about a month which not only kept me from doing what I love it effected my business. When the pain didn’t go away, and actually seemed to be getting worse, I went to my family doctor. He prescribed me anti-inflammatory pills and a pain killer. I was really hoping that the medication would take care of the problem because the pain was effecting all areas of my life now and I was itching to get back on the course. Well, needless to say, the medication didn’t help me and I was referred by a friend to Dr. Marcus. It turned out that I had a pinched nerve in my back and the bones in my back were locked up and not moving properly. He gave me an adjustment and I felt immediate relief. It took about six or seven treatments before I had no pain. I am playing golf again and feel great. I would recommend Dr. Peter Marcus.
- Michael K./CEO Recruiting Company

carI have three children that are in elementary school and middle school. After dropping off the kids a school I was on my way home and was stopped at a red light at Oakland Park Blvd and Andrews. I was suddenly rear ended. The other car hit me so hard that I hit the car in front of me! My car was crunched in the front and the back. An ambulance came but I didn’t want to go to the hospital. I thought I was o.k. Later that day my back and neck stiffened up and I was getting spasms in my neck and back. I had pains running down my arms and legs and a headache that would not go away. I had never been in an accident before or had any significant injury so I was really scared. My husband had treated with Dr. Marcus in the past and called him and Dr. Marcus told him to have me come in immediately. Dr. Marcus spent about two hours with me. He examined me, took x-rays and I received an hour massage and therapy. Dr. Marcus ordered MRI’s of my neck and back which showed that I had injured discs in both areas. I treated with Dr. Marcus, and the orthopedist he referred me to, for about three months and made a full recovery. I found Dr. Marcus and his staff to be very professional and caring and would recommend them to anyone.
- Jody D. Housewife/Mom

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